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U.S. Narcotic Farm doctor, 1950

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Dr. Harris Isbell examined barbiturates at the United States Narcotic Farm in April 1950. Dr. Isbell was the Addiction Research Center’s director from 1945 to 1962, a period that many people considered the lab’s golden age for new discoveries. The hospital, which was renamed the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital and is now known as the Federal Medical Center, was the first prison for drug addicts in the United States. Federal inmates and people who voluntarily were admitted were treated for drug abuse problems, with mostly experimental treatments. The complex today, off Leestown Road just past Masterson Station Park, is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This photo ran with one of a series of stories by Jack Lewyn in the Lexington Herald about the fight against drug addiction. The first story ran April 17, 1950. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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