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Vice President Dan Quayle visits Lexington, 1992

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Vice President Dan Quayle visited a home being built at 781 Ridgebrook Circle in Lexington, July 23, 1992. The Republican vice president used his visit to the neighborhood off Liberty Road to blame the Democratic Congress for the nation’s prolonged recession. During his campaign stop, he said Congress has refused to pass President George Bush’s proposal to give first-time home buyers a $5,000 tax credit. Quayle told the Home Builders Association of Lexington that the bill would create hundreds of thousands of jobs within six months. His visit to Lexington was part of the Bush campaign’s recent effort to direct voters’ desire for change at Congress. He said the nation needs to have the same party controlling the White House and Congress to avoid stalemates. “When you think of change, I want you to think about changing the Democratic Congress,” Quayle told a crowd of about 300 supporters who greeted him at Blue Grass Airport. As part of his effort to help the Republicans gain control of Congress, Quayle attended a Lexington fund-raiser for Republican U.S. Senate candidate David Williams. Although Quayle wanted to focus on housing programs and Congress-bashing, he was plagued during his Lexington visit by questions about whether he will be dumped from the Republican ticket. He refused to say whether he has offered to step down from the ticket or whether he and Bush have discussed his leaving the ticket. A little over three months later Bush and Quayle lost to Bill Clinton and Al Gore in the presidential election. Photo by Tim Sharp | staff

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