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Al Gore speaking at Fancy Farm Picnic, 1992

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Democratic vice presidential nominee Al Gore spoke to the crowd at Kentucky’s Fancy Farm Picnic on Aug. 1, 1992. About 50 people carrying Bush-Quayle signs stood in front of the speakers’ stage at the annual political speaking event and shouted taunts at the U.S. senator from Tennessee. But Gore repeatedly turned the hecklers’ own words against them winning over the enthusiastic crowd of Western Kentucky Democrats. The Bush backers chanted “Four more years,” in their support of the incumbent president. Gore said, “I hear this group with the Bush-Quayle signs there saying ‘Four more years.’ Wait a minute. Let’s just have a referendum right here. Do you want four more years of the same old stuff? Do you want four more years of a ‘Read my lips’ recession? Do you want four more years of government for the privileged few?” The 2017 picnic is Aug. 5. Photo by Tim Sharp | Staff

U.S. Sen. Al Gore of from Tennessee, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, spoke at the annual Fancy Farm political picnic Aug. 1, 1992. Gore arrived by motorcade and made his entrance to the Paul Simon tune “You Can Call Me Al.” He made his way to the stage using double-fisted handshakes with those in the crowd who had pushed their way to the front. The crowd was the largest at a Fancy Farm political picnic in at least the previous 10 years. Many people, including Judy Chandler of Paducah, came especially to see Gore. Chandler jumped up and down with excitement after Gore hugged her during his exit. “I got to kiss him,” Chandler said. “He’s good looking.” U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, who followed Gore to the platform, said, “It’s important to realize that not all change is good change.” Photo by Tim Sharp | Staff

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