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Lexington businessman Alex Campbell, 1981

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Beginning in October 1981 The Lexington Leader published a five-part series on Lexington’s 10 most influential citizens. Included in the second part of the series was Lexington businessman Alex Campbell, along with Lexington Mayor Jim Amato. Campbell was photographed on the site of what would become Triangle Park, across from the new Lexington Center and Rupp Arena. Campbell thought the triangular lot was a perfect site for a park and fountain, the city agreed but didn’t have the $1 million to fund it. With the help of several friends in the business community Campbell raised the money and established the Triangle Foundation, which they grew into an endowment fund used to fund capital-improvement-type civic projects. Since the development of Triangle Park, the foundation has created Equestrian Park at the Bluegrass Airport, Thoroughbred Park and the Woodland Skate park. Photo by Frank Anderson | Staff

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